Julie and Gian are the type of people who you immediately feel comfortable around and could sit and chat for a while with (which we did when we spent the weekend in the Berkshires for their engagement shoot!). These two love life, laughing, and each other. When I think back to their wedding day, my mind doesn’t go to the typical details (dress/shoes/flowers/etc), instead, I can only recall Gian’s reaction to seeing Julie for the first time, Julie’s laugh and ever present smile, and being so.darn.happy that they asked us to photograph their day and share in that experience.

Congrats you two – a huge hug from us both, and hopefully we’ll be able to meet the little one once he/she arrives this Fall!! (Yes – they are expecting!!). Now, for the photos…


When we received an inquiry from AJ & Thomas we knew we were in for something really, really fun. They were planning a steampunk, guerrilla style wedding, in a beautiful (functioning) train station, which included the groom walking down the aisle to “Enter Sandman” played by 3 cellists (really!). Add to all of that amazing-ness, the fact that AJ & Thomas are (simply put) just wonderful people who are so incredibly in love and you have one really awesome day. We started with a first look at AJ & Thomas’ house before wandering around town (including a stop to grab a quick drink) to take bridal party photos. From there, we headed to the gorgeous & historic Utica train station for the ceremony and the Blue Flag Room for the reception.

AJ & Thomas – thank you both so much for inviting us to be a part of your wedding day. We hope you have many wonderful adventures together!!

I loved their “&” tattoos…

This is the Utica train station – isn’t it beautiful?! (even more amazing – the venue was free because it’s a public spot that didn’t close down for the wedding. Got to love that!)

This is, hands down, my favorite “we’re married!” photo ever.

When Chris and I pack the car for a wedding we always add in our huge collection of umbrellas – even if its sunny and 75 degrees – because you never know when rain might come along. Well, for Elizabeth & Doug’s wedding we should have also invested in an ark because it poured (and was cold – like 40 degrees cold). Truthfully, we were a little worried that the weather might dampen Elizabeth & Doug’s spirits (no pun intended) but when they arrived at the church it was clear they weren’t letting a little thing like the weather get in the way of making a beautiful memory out of their wedding day. From the moment they showed up at the church, until the last song was played, you could clearly tell they were floating on air – over flowing with love for each other and happiness that they could share those memories with so many of their family and friends. It was exactly what a marriage is all about. Congratulations Elizabeth & Doug!!

Here are some of our favorite images:

The stained glass windows at this church were beautiful…

Elizabeth’s face just cracks me up…

I love the happiness pouring out of these next few shots…

The dance floor was packed!

PS: if you have time – you should also read the lovely post about marriage that Elizabeth wrote for A Practical Wedding.  It is spot on – and one of the reasons why we love working with A Practical Wedding couples…

So, I’ve been debating about how much of our relationship to broadcast on the great interwebs.  At first, I was going to just give you a quick “we met on this date and bam – here we are” but, I don’t like to do anything simply (just ask Chris) so you get the full story (if you desire to continue reading…)

We met on Match.com about 4 years ago.  Yep.   Match.com – we think it’s pretty awesome.**  After talking via email for a few days we decided to meet one afternoon at a locally owned coffee shop.  I was standing in line to get a cup of coffee when Chris walked in.  (cue awkward meeting).  He was adorable and my face turned beet red (oh, so typical for me). After several cups of coffee (and several hours of easy conversation) we were both hinting that the date had to continue.

Chris suggested taking a walk by the river’s edge and I happily agreed – even though it was winter and I was *not* properly dressed for the cold.  I figured I could tough it out, after all, I’m from Buffalo, NY and have been to plenty of Buffalo Bills games in sub-zero temperatures…I can handle the cold.  I pictured us strolling along Albany’s version of a river walk (and flirting), while waiting for him to take my hand in his and keep it warm. Unfortunately that didn’t quite pan out.  Instead I spent the entire walk sniffling, blowing on my hands to keep them warm (because I couldn’t find my “cute” gloves), and thinking of ways I could coax Chris back to the warm car. I have come to find out, now, that “Morris walks” are quite legendary. They can go on for miles – despite the elements.  Little did I know.  Needless to say – by the end of our walk my cheeks were so red, my nose so sniffly, and it took all I had not to run to the car when it came back within our sights.

When we did reach the car, I immediately turned all the front heaters toward me (what? Chris didn’t need them!) and began slowly defrosting myself.  We then visited a pet shop to pick up some toys for our respective pets and, somewhat reluctantly, ended our date.  We traded numbers and just before leaving each other I mentioned that I would be heading out that night to the with some friends and that we should meet up if he, just so happened, to be out as well.

I then ran home and rounded up my girlfriends for a night out while simultaneously trying not to get my hopes up.  We were out at dinner when I got a text from Chris that he and his friends were heading out.  Well – my girlfriends (and their respective others) have never eaten so quickly in their lives!  (Gotta love friends who will brave indigestion solely so you can meet your most recent love interest for a drink.)

We then (oh so casually) found Chris and his friends at the bar, right where he said they’d be and had a fantastic night.  Everything just felt … right.  The way we laughed with each other.  The way we cracked jokes at the others expense.  The way his fingers laced through mine.  It felt like we had known each other for 9 years rather than just 9 hours.

And that was our beginning…What was yours?

*This title will be explained in a forthcoming post…just be patient :-)
**We have a lot of wedding couples that met this way, a lot of our friends that have met this way, and I am big supporter of online dating (with proper safety precaution, of course).  But that’s a topic for a different post!

Eric and Justin got married almost one week to the day of Hurricane Irene’s “visit” to the Albany area. They had planned a beautiful church ceremony at St. Mary’s in downtown Albany and a tented wedding on the grounds of the Pruyn House in Latham, NY. I was so worried for them that the grass would still be sopping wet but their wedding day turned out to be beautiful blue skies, fair temperatures (with only a bit of humidity), and mostly dry grass. After a beautiful ceremony at St. Mary’s Cathedral in downtown Albany, we headed to the Pruyn house grounds for an evening filled with square dancing, several different pies, and a whole lot of fun.

Here’s some of our favorite images from the day:

Isn’t she gorgeous? That smile never left Erica’s face…

I love this shot of Erica and Justin excitedly stealing glances of each other during the ceremony…


After some quick photos with the bridal party and our newlyweds, we hopped into the car and headed off to the beautiful Pruyn House in Latham, NY for a fabulous reception in that beautiful Buhrmaster Barn…

I love the way they look at each other – just makes me smile…

They had an amazing reception and a jam backed (square) dance floor!

The emotion in these last two images gets me every time I see them…

Erica and Justin – you both were so relaxed and blissfully happy. It was wonderful to witness your marriage and love. Congrats to you both – and thank you so much for letting us share the day with you!

Normally we are “go go go” from the moment we wake up until when our heads hit the pillow at night. But Sunday mornings…ohh Sunday mornings are my favorite time of the week because we actually sit together for a few hours while sipping our coffee, reading the local paper, and talking to each other in ridiculous (fake) accents. Well, truth be told, Chris does the accents and I only make pitiful attempts at accents…oh well, at least he still laughs at them (or at me?)!  Ehh – potato, potato.

It’s so nice to be able to have these mornings.  I bottle up them up in my mind so that on days like today (when “the day job” is just-so-stressful that all I want to do is walk out the door and have someone else deal with it) I can think about Sunday morning, take a deep breath and relax.  Those few hours of uninterrupted time with Chris, our furrbabies, our coffee, and our “accents” make me ridiculously happy.  Life is good. :o)

Here’s some photos from Mara’s view of a Sunday Morning (with a Zeke perspective thrown in there for good measure):

Curious kitty…

Lounging in the sun…

“This is boring dudes…”

“Did you say the word ‘Walk?’  I will give you puppy eyes until I get one of those…”

“Don’t play with me man, I know you said the word…now finish that coffee and get my leash!”

As you can tell – the animals (or mostly just Zeke) has a different view of our Sunday mornings!  The poor guy…lucky for him he’s adorably irresistible and hardly ever has to wait too long for one of the two of us to break down and get the leash.

What are your Sunday mornings like?  Are they relaxing, hectic, or somewhere in the middle?

I (Lauren) met Mallory met on the first day of our freshman year. We bonded over late nights, malibu bay breezes, and our crazy roommates.  I was with Mallory on the night she met Justin and they’ve been inseparable ever since.   It was only a matter of time before they made their way down the aisle and we were lucky enough to be asked to capture their day.  To us, these photographs just scream pure happiness… and that’s exactly Mallory and Justin.

We couldn’t be happier for you both.  Congrats and here’s to many more fantastic years to come!


The first look…


I love Justin’s face here!

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